Charity Event​

Worked with local professional hockey players and local schools to give youth the chance to play pick up with the pros.  Raised over $20,000 for local food bank first year.

P&C, Distribution and Energy Management 

  • Developed business plan and designed and optimized a landfill Biogas Plant using LC costing . 
  • P&C isolation detector for Sir Adam Beck Switch yard
  • Energy Audits and retrofits for small business
  • Revised and updated P&C and Distribution course at Mohawk
  • Developed and Taught an Advanced Control Systems Math course for McMaster University BTech academic credit
  • Developed Engineer in Training programs

Products, Projects, Technical Courses

Photo of Landfill  Biogas plant in Mexico

Industrial Controls & Sensors

  • Smash up detector for assembly line detection of bad parts
  •  Three phase motor protection
  • Sensor to Predict Mechanical Failure
  • Biomedical  Sensor
Honour & Integrity before Pride
Unbridled Creativity guided by a practical understanding of the material world                            

Consumer Products (partial list)

  • ​idQuest the Lie Detector Game    
  • Liar Liar Pants on Fire
  • Led lightbulb with built in dimmer
  • Household (Musical residential hold)
  • SafeHome (Residential security system)
  • Monitor and Guardian   (TAD's)
  • Profax (fax switch)

Office by the Creek

With the assistance of faculty from Mohawks Building and Science department ,  I designed this currently under construction structure to exceed the building code and have a positive environmental impact.  The 12.6 ft x 14 ft bay window is a desk that looks downstream.  A fold down ladder allows trap door access to the mezzanine above.

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